A List Of Bitcoin Wallets That Support Lightning Transactions

The Lightning Network was launched last year. Basically, this network allows you to send and receive bitcoin very quickly.

It works as a layer on top of bitcoin, enabling fast and cheap transactions which can net settle to the bitcoin blockchain.

However, the lightning network is still in beta mode. I have used it successfully, but it required a fairly amount of work. Also, it can only be used for small transactions (less than $200).

You also need to install a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the Lightning Network.

Here is a list of wallet apps with Lightning support:


Platforms: Android and iOS

Breez is a non-custodial and open-source wallet. It one of the first to implement Neutrino (a privacy preserving wallet protocol).

Wallet of Satoshi

Platforms: iOS and Android

This is generally considered to be the easiest to use lightning wallet for iOS. In my tests it worked reasonably well, but lacked clear instructions.

Wallet of Satoshi is a zero-configuration custodial wallet


Platforms: Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, web browsers

In addition to mobile applications and a desktop client, Spark can also be accessed through a web browser.

Bitcoin Lightning Wallet (BLW)

Platforms: Android

BLW is a well-supported Lightning wallet app. This app is fully compatible with Bitrefill services like Thor.

Lightning Peach

Lightning Peach is currently the only Lightning wallet available on all popular desktop and mobile platforms. Some Bitcoiners feel the privacy in this wallet is questionable, but the BitFury team tried to address the concerns in this blog post.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android


Platforms: iOS and Android

Bluewallet allows for zero-configuration Lightning Network transactions on Android and iOS devices.

Note on Lightning Wallet Withdraws

The user would expect that withdrawing from the LN wallet means having a transaction sent to your on-chain wallet. But currently the “withdraw” button forwards you to an exchange where you are expected to trade your LN balance for on-chain coins.

Casa Node

Casa Node is a physical device that allows you to affordably run your own Bitcoin node. Casa Nodes are intended for use in offices and homes and provide a plug-and-play option for users interested in a personal node.


Platforms: iOS and Android

Available only on mobile devices, Shango brands itself as the first Lightning-As-A-Service app. It allows users to launch an ISO-certified secure cloud node, run LND from their device, and control their own LND nodes.

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