Top 5 Ways To Make Your Online Accounts More Secure

Here are some tips for making your online accounts more secure:

Use A Password Manager To Generate Unique Passwords

If you use the same password for all your online accounts, you are making it simple for hackers to own all your accounts. Create a unique, 14 character password for each online account you use. The best way to do this is to use a password manager like LastPass, and have it create and manage all your passwords.

Use Two-Factor Authentication Where Possible

Ultimately, passwords aren’t the best way to secure your accounts. Use Two-Factor authentication where possible. When you log in from a strange location, a system like this will send you a text message with a code to confirm.

Remove Your Information From Public Databases

One of the easiest ways to hack into an account is through your email and billing address information. Sites like Spokeo and offer opt-out mechanisms to get your information removed from their databases. See our article How To Delete Your Personal Info From The Internet for the details.

Give Bogus Answers To Security Questions

Think of them as a secondary password. Just keep your answers memorable. What the name of my first pet? Why, it was a “Buddha Of Grey Stone Self Reflects”.

Use A Unique, Secure Email Address For Password Recovery

If a hacker knows where your password reset goes, that’s a line of attack. Create a special account you never use for communications. Make sure to choose a username that isn’t tied to your name so it can’t be easily guessed.

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