A List Of Privacy-Friendly Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Web Hosts

Here is a list of hosts that support privacy and anonymity:

  • OrangeWebSite — based in Iceland — supports customer privacy and anonymity — hosts domains, websites and virtual private servers — accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin Hosting — hosts websites, dedicated servers, managed servers — specializes in bitcoin-based payments — servers are located in the U.S. and U.K.
  • RapidSeedbox — offers root access seedboxes — many apps available as “one click installs” including Plex and OpenVPN — accepts bitcoin — servers in Netherlands and France
  • Anonymously.IO: Anonymous hosting — only requires email and bitcoin payment — based in the Netherlands
  • Liberty VPS — based in the Netherlands — supports anonymous VPS hosting
  • Gandi.Net — based in France — hosts domains, websites, email and cloud services — accepts Bitcoin

8 thoughts on “A List Of Privacy-Friendly Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Web Hosts”

  1. https://www.bacloud.com really nice dedicated server and VPS provider, that accepts Bitcoin payments. VPS delivery instantly, dedicated servers just in few hours. Do not check the registration data so I think you can stay anonymous.

  2. mullvad.net is really good. you need a little tech saviness to get it to work right, but newsflash, you’ll never get that much out of a vpn unless you understand iptables etc. then again it if wasn’t complicated I couldn’t avoid every sports blackout restriction on roku. My hard work paid off.

    Opensense etc to me is crap.. Just run a x86 appliance with debian or ubuntu. Trust me, forget that all that other crap. That’s for the masses.

  3. This is a decent list, vulture is is nice but for the sake of privacy and paying for a vps server with bitcoin alone I’d go with xitheon.com

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