A List Of Recommended Bitcoin & Ethereum Services

Here is a list of my recommended Bitcoin and Ethereum services:

  • Bitrefill: A site that allows you to buy gift cards using Bitcoin or Ethereum (discount code)
  • Cash App: An app that allows U.S. residents to buy and cash out Bitcoin easily (requires identification)
  • Uniswap: This is a decentralized Ethereum exchange that allows anyone to swap tokens automatically
  • Edge Wallet: A zero-knowledge wallet for iOS and Android — user-friendly — holds many types of cryptocurrencies in one app
  • Trezor Suite: A new desktop app that interfaces with Trezor hardware wallets
  • MetaMask: An useful interface to Ethereum apps
  • Zerion: A useful interface to Ethereum investments
  • Coinranking: A minimalist crypto price site — fast loading
  • Who Owns All The Bitcoin: A list of companies and individuals who hold bitcoin

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