How To Download Media On iPhones and iPads


Apple devices are quite restricted, making downloading media difficult. For example, there are no Torrent or Usenet apps available. However there are some ways to obtain media easily:

  1. Get a Easynews subscription. Easynews provides a web interface to the Usenet, with search capabilities (if you don’t know what the Usenet is, see our previous article). You can log into Easynews using Safari, and download media securely via a HTTPS connection. Note that you must enable cookies (I think third-party cookies too) in Safari settings. If you want to play videos in MKV or AVI format, you should download the VLC app. Once you’ve finished downloading your in Safari, you will be prompted to open the file in VLC. If you have a Dropbox subscription, you play the media in Dropbox. You may also wish to use a VPN for extra security.
  2. Dropbox is a good (albeit insecure) way to stream media from your own cloud. You can put videos and music in a Dropbox folder, and stream them while mobile.
  3. You can get a Prime Membership from Amazon for $79 a year, and get unlimited streaming of their large collection of videos. They also have a good Cloud Player for music.
  4. You can get a Seedbox, and download media via a FTP client, or sync them to Dropbox. However, I tested a seedbox from Whatbox.CA, and found the FTP speeds to be slow, but you are able to get a app and do segmented downloading.
  5. You can use Bandcamp and stream albums their large music collection for free. They have an iOS app.
  6. Don’t forget are many video and albums on Youtube and Vimeo — if you have enough bandwidth, you can stream them in full screen mode.
  7. If you find Youtube, Netflix or another streaming service is blocked, get a VPN.

Of course, please check your local laws to ensure you are not violating any of them.


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