How To Create Alias Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Credit Cards

The services listed below allow you to create alias phone numbers, email addresses, and credit cards.

This virtual information will protect your personal information from people and companies you don’t yet trust.

Privacy.Com: Create Alias Credit Cards

Privacy.Com allows you to create virtual payment cards for one-time purchases or subscriptions while using your web browser. You can create card spending limits and “pause” cards anytime.

Abine’s Blur is a similar service for creating virtual credit cards. You can set spending limits, create one-time-use cards, and create cards that only work with certain merchants.

Hushed: Create Alias Phone Numbers For Calling and Messaging

The Hushed app allows you to acquire local numbers from 60+ countries and hide your caller id with a disposable phone number.

Hushed runs on iOS or Android. You don’t need pre-existing cellular service to use the app, and if you do have a cell number, Hushed never interacts with it.

SimpleLogin: Create Email Aliases

SimpleLogin is a service that allows you to create email aliases instantly. You can create a new email address and give it to any yet-to-be-trusted organization or individual.

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