The Best Privacy-Friendly Apps For iPhones & iPads

These applications and services will encrypt and secure the following:

  • Your internet connections
  • Your web browsing
  • Your email
  • Your files in cloud storage
  • Your photos in cloud storage
  • Your passwords, logins, private notes
  • Your media plays
  • Your YouTube views

And block:

  • Ads on websites
  • Ads within apps (to a limited extent)
  • Snoopers
  • Trackers
  • Malware
  • Hackers

I recommend these privacy-friendly apps for use with iPhones and iPads:

  • AdGuard Pro: Sophisticated ad-blocking and malware protection from this app
  • Protonmail: Access an encrypted email account via this iOS app
  • ExpressVPN or ProtonVPN: Encrypts your internet connections on your iPhone/iPad
  • Firefox Focus: A privacy-focused web browser
  • Sync: Encrypted cloud file storage app
  • Plex: A private video streamer and player
  • Bitwarden: An encrypted password manager provider
  • CloudBeats: Play and download your music collection from various cloud services

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