How To View Twitter (X) Threads Without Logging Into Twitter

Listed below are some alternative interfaces to Twitter (or X) so that you can access tweets without logging in.

Update: Nitter is shutting down, see more details here. I suggest using one of these alternative apps.

These sites often disappear or go down. When this happens you can switch to another instance.

Regarding privacy, be advised that unknown individuals run these interfaces.

There are also many other instances of Nitter.

More About The Nitter Interface

Nitter is a free and open-source alternative to Twitter’s front end.

Nitter’s advantages are:

  • No JavaScript or ads
  • All requests go through the backend — the client never talks to Twitter
  • Prevents Twitter from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
  • Lightweight (profile pages tend to be 60 KB instead of 600 KB)
  • RSS feeds

Nitter is about 15 times lighter than Twitter.

Nitter has several browser extensions maintained by the community.

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