How To Set Up Your Own VPN In 10 Minutes (With Vultr)

It is possible to set up a fully-functioning VPN server in 10 minutes, using the hosting service Vultr.

Update: See also my article about automating the VPN installation using software called Streisand.

Vultr is a VPS (virtual private server) provider based in Australia. They offer “one click” installations of OpenVPN and several other popular apps.

You can host your VPN server in 15 different server locations worldwide, including these countries — the US, Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

The cost run a VPN server is $5 per month, and this includes 1000 GB of bandwidth.

You can set up OpenVPN by creating a new server instance in Vultr, and then choosing “OpenVPN” as your app. You need to scroll down on the “Create New Instance” page to see the list of apps to install.

After installing a new OpenVPN server, you will be prompted to download an OpenVPN client package to install on your computers. Full installation instructions are provided here.

Vultr offers hourly billing. This means you can spin servers up and down with quickly, and you pay only for the hours you use. For payment, Vultr accepts Bitcoin, Paypal, Alipay and Credit Cards.

Nextcloud (an open-source Dropbox replacement) is also available for hosting on Vultr.

4 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your Own VPN In 10 Minutes (With Vultr)”

  1. So why Vultr specifically, as opposed to the many other VPS providers out there? Also, why openvpn as opposed to more performant and equally secure protocols like Wireguard, or mobile-friendly protocols like IKEv2/IPsec?

    1. My emphasis here was easy installation. Vultr doesn’t have a “1-click” install process for those programs. Vultr also has flexible billing. They have a slight edge on Digital Ocean and other hosts in this regard.

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