eTools: An Interesting Meta Search Engine is a meta-search engine from Switzerland. It combines the results of 15 different search engines, and organizes the search results in useful ways.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of is that it can be customized.

You can change the weighting of each search engine and “boost” results of particular engines. You can also disable search engine you don’t find useful. You can also change your preferences so that just queries the fastest search engines.

According to eTools developers, the engine parses each query and translates it to each target engine, passing through properly structured Boolean operators, modifiers and phrases. It also removes results with tracking information — for example resutls from MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista and Lycos — their results contain random redirect links.

You can also save results in either PDF or RSS format, a handy feature if you’re doing research or want to run a search on an ongoing basis. also has a mobile version with results presented in a simplified layout

Unfortunately, this service blocks VPN users.

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