Three Essential Services For Online Privacy

by Grey One •

Here are three essential services to increase your online privacy:

  1. A VPN or virtual private network like ExpressVPN or PIA
  2. An ad-blocker like AdGuard
  3. A password manager like Bitwarden


A VPN (or a Virtual Private Network) encrypt your internet connections and activities. This helps to bypass internet restrictions and secures the connections leaving your computer.

ExpressVPN or PIA are VPN providers that have good records in regards to privacy.

An Ad-Blocker & Tracker Blocker

An ad-blocker is useful for removing advertising and blocking unwanted trackers.

AdGuard is my recommend ad-blocker. It is a fully featured internet filter that removes ads, ad-trackers and blocks questionable websites. It operates as a standalone application, and incorporates a filtering mechanism that is quite fine tuned.

A Secure Password Manger

A secure password manager allows you consolidate all your passwords and secure notes in a encrypted safe.

I would recommend Bitwarden. This free, open source application is a replacement for proprietary password managers like Lastpass and 1Password.

Bitwarden syncs your passwords across multiple devices, and the browser extensions fills in your browser logins automatically.

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