Three Free Anti-Keylogging Apps For Windows

Keyloggers are one of the most effective ways for hackers to steal private information. Here are some solutions for preventing keyloggers from compromising your Windows system.

Keyloggers come in two forms — those that are software-based and those that are embedded in hardware.  The latter can only be installed by someone who has physical access to your computer, but the former could be placed on your system remotely through, for example, a malicious software download.

Once installed, keyloggers record every key stroke you make. Some also take screenshots to track what you click. They can then upload this information to any destination on the Internet.


Keyloggers can be hard to detect, but you can install software designed to thwart them. Most anti-keylogger programs work by intercepting key strokes at the system level and encrypting them before they reach a specific application. That way, if someone is monitoring your key strokes, the information he sees will be an encrypted jumble.

You can pay lots of money for anti-keylogger software, but a number of free solutions also exist, including the following:

  • Zemana: Designed for easy setup and protects all applications, not just the Web browser (as some other free anti-keyloggers do). The basic software is free but a paid premium version adds anti-malware services.
  • SpyShelter: Offers tools to prevent webcam and microphone hijacking in addition to comprehensive anti-keylogging.
  • NextGen AntiKeylogger: Easy installation, although the developers don’t provide a lot of details about how exactly the anti-keylogging feature works.

It goes without saying that the best way to prevent keylogging is to protect yourself from malicious software in the first place so that a keylogging package can’t install itself on your system. But if you want extra protection, a free anti-keylogging program can’t hurt.

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