Zaprite: Easy Bitcoin Payments For Businesses

Zaprite is a platform designed to facilitate Bitcoin payments for businesses. This a cool system that respects privacy. Some of the useful Zaprite features are:

  1. No KYC Required: Zaprite allows users to sign up using only their email address.
  2. Multiple Payment Options: Zaprite supports payments in Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, and credit/debit cards.
  3. Customizable Invoices and Payment Links: Users can create custom invoices and email them to their clients. Zaprite also allows users to create individual products or services and generate unique URLs to embed or share.
  4. Non-Custodial Service: Zaprite does not provide a Bitcoin wallet and does not have access to your funds. It just operates as the piping between users to facilitate their transactions.
  5. Wallet-Agnostic: Zaprite is wallet-agnostic, meaning it can connect with a multitude of wallets and providers.
  6. Global Usability: Zaprite operates globally, making it usable all over the world.
  7. Bitcoin and Fiat Integration: Zaprite enables businesses to receive both Bitcoin and fiat in one integrated payment experience for customers.