SearXNG: A Metasearch Engine With Great Results

SearXNG (GitHub page) is an ad-free metasearch engine that can combine results from seventy different search services.

SearXNG offers ad-free Google results, which are fresh, not cached results (like the ones found in StartPage). In addition, you can add Bing and Mojeek results into the mix. Overall, this makes the search results very relevant and diverse.

SearXNG development started in the middle of 2021 as a fork of the SearX project (GitHub page). Users are neither tracked nor profiled. Additionally, SearXNG can be used over Tor for online anonymity.

SearXNG has a better user interface, comes with light and dark versions, and works well on mobile browsers. An administrator can block and/or replace the URLs in the search results. Overall SearXNG is simple to maintain as an instance administrator.

You can search with SearXNG by using an instance listed at Currently, these are working instances:

Regarding privacy, be advised that unknown organizations and individuals run these interfaces.

Of course, you can also run your own instance of SearXNG. Here is an in-depth test of various search engines including SearXNG.

How does SearXNG protect privacy?

SearXNG protects the privacy of its users in both private and public instances. Removal of private data from search requests comes in three forms:

  1. Removes private data from requests before they are sent to search services
  2. Nothing is forwarded to a third party through search services (e.g. ads)
  3. Removes private data from search requests when they are transferred to the result pages

SearXNG License

SearXNG is released under the AGPL-3.0 license.

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