A List Of Private Bitcoin Exchanges (No KYC)

Listed below are automated crypto exchanges that do not require registration. They are “no-KYC” meaning they do not require any “know your customer” information.

  • FixedFloat: 20 coins available for swaps, trade time is 5 to 30 minutes — uses lightning network — not available in the U.S. (unless a VPN is used)
  • Mt Pelerin: You can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with no KYC required. You can withdraw them in 34 currencies back to your bank account in 171 countries. Select a currency, choose your destination bank account, and get your funds converted at a transparent rate. Not available to users in the US and Russia.
  • SimpleSwap: 300 coins available for swap, trade time is 5 to 60 minutes
  • StealthEx: 400+ coins and tokens available, trade time is 5 to 30 minutes

These exchanges work this way — you send coins to an address — and receive your newly traded coins in another wallet address.

I performed a test, and the quoted exchange rates for 1 BTC to ETH were:

  • FixedFloat: 11.9791745 ETH
  • SimpleSwap: 11.91856003 ETH
  • StealthEx: 11.840177 ETH

FixedFloat had the best rate, offering 0.1389975 more ETH than StealthEx — this was about $662 USD at the time of writing. However, FixedFloat has a limited number of coins (20) available to trade.

13 thoughts on “A List Of Private Bitcoin Exchanges (No KYC)”

  1. William Robinson

    The mobile version of Ledger is something I would investigate further. I would recommend going with if you don’t want to spend money on hardware.

  2. Is there a specific reason why FixedFloat only has 20 coins available to trade? In my opinion that is pretty limited seeing there are over 10k+ cryptocurrencies available

    1. The limited choice may be due to the fact that it uses lightning channels. I like it because it’s fast and reliable.

  3. Do you have a recommendation on which iOS App to use in combination to use with FixedFloat? Just for exchanging and spending stablecoins and crypto (Bitcoin HODL being out of scope for this use case).

  4. It seems to me that privacy is what everyone wants in this difficult time. Therefore, it is better to use privacy coins and an exchanger such as Crypton from Utopia P2P https://u.is/en/. Only with the help of such systems can you be sure of your security.

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