A List Of Recommended Private Crypto Exchanges (No KYC)

Listed below are automated crypto exchanges that do not require registration. They are “no-KYC” meaning they do not require any “know your customer” information.

  • FixedFloat: 20 coins available for swaps, trade time is 5 to 30 minutes — uses lightning network — not available in the U.S. (unless a VPN is used)
  • SimpleSwap: 300 coins available for swap, trade time is 5 to 60 minutes
  • StealthEx: 400+ coins and tokens available, trade time is 5 to 30 minutes

These exchanges work this way — you send coins to an address — and receive your newly traded coins in another wallet address.

I performed a test, and the quoted exchange rates for 1 BTC to ETH were:

  • FixedFloat: 11.9791745 ETH
  • SimpleSwap: 11.91856003 ETH
  • StealthEx: 11.840177 ETH

FixedFloat had the best rate, offering 0.1389975 more ETH than StealthEx — this was about $662 USD at the time of writing. However, FixedFloat has a limited number of coins (20) available to trade.

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