Privacy.Com: Create Single-Use Credit Cards

Privacy is a service that allows you to make online payment using virtual cards instead of your physical payment card information.

The service is free to use and the company says they will never sell user data. It’s only available to people in the USA currently.

How does the company make money? Each time you spend using a Privacy Card, the merchant or website pays a small fee called interchange. This fee is shared with Privacy.Com.

To use the service, you create “Privacy Cards” that work like a normal credit or debit card.

Privacy Cards come with all kinds of additional protections to shut down fraudulent transactions before they happen. You can pause a card between transactions to make sure fraudulent transactions can’t sneak through.

You can also set a spending limit so you can control how much and how frequently a card can be used.

You can close a card and so that they cannot be used for fraud.

Privacy Cards are currently available to people who fulfill these requirements:

  • You are a US citizen or permanent resident
  • You are 18 and older
  • You have a US checking account

Link: Privacy

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