The Best Usenet Providers With No DMCA

European Usenet providers offer an alternative to the articles/media offered by US providers. In most cases you can get everything you need by using a Highwinds provider like UsenetServer, and then supplementing it with a European provider as a backup.

Most European providers are located in the Netherlands, and because they are outside the US, these providers are not subject to DMCA takedowns. However, they are subject to NTD requests, and these tend to target the same media as DMCA requests. So you are not guaranteed to find all your missing files with these providers.

These are our recommended Usenet Providers without DMCA:

  • Tweaknews is a Dutch Usenet provider with some of the fastest connections in Europe. This provider charges €7 euros or $7.99 USD per month.
  • XL Ned: a reliable Usenet provider that offers 900 day retention and speed up to 120 Mbit/sec. The price is 7.49 euro per month for 12 connections. See our full review here.

4 thoughts on “The Best Usenet Providers With No DMCA”

  1. Ive been using Pureusenet for the past year but the last months they are so fast in deleting uploads that its almost as if they are owned by some movie company (read: some uploads are deleted within 2-3 hours after upload and sometimes even faster)

    So i wouldnt advise Pureusenet anymore since despite the great retentiontime, they now are worse than many DCMA news servers.

  2. I used Pureusenet for a while now and it pretty much seems they’re the total opposite. Very much stuff is not just deleted, it’s reduced to the header so you can actually see it has been deleted. Kind cruelsome.

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