Some Usenet Speeds Tests

Photo by Matthew Kalapuch on Unsplash

I tested some Usenet download speeds running SAbNZBd 2.3.6 (beta) on Elementary OS. My computer is located in on the East Coast of the US.

These are the maximum average SabNZBd speeds I get with a wired 110 MB/s connection:

  • Usenetserver (US Server): averages around 90 MB/s (sometimes reaches 105 MB/s)
  • Usenet Express (US Server): averages around 90 MB/s (sometimes reaches 105 MB/s)
  • Astraweb (US Server): averages around 82 MB/s (sometimes reaches 105 MB/s)
  • Usenet.Farm (Netherlands Sever): 48 MB/s
  • Eweka (Netherlands Server): averages aroudn 12 MB/s

On W-iFi speeds are slower — downloads will max out at 35 MB/s using a 5G WiFi connection on a 2015 Macbook Pro.

When using ExpressVPN the speed does not go over 21.5 MB/s (on both the wired connection and on WiFi)

I will be testing another round of providers soon…


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