Where Can I Spend Bitcoins?

We present here a list of merchants that accept Bitcoins. Since Bitcoin is such a new currency, the selections here a bit of a mixed bag, but there are certainly some interesting services listed here.

  • New Services added: Bitcoinin (store), Reddit Gold (reddit subscriptions), Litehosting.org (VPS Hosting), AmazonBitcoins (Amazon giftcards) and www.btctoys.com (sex toys)
  • You can buy computer gear and other electronics at the Bitcoin Store
  • BTC Buy sells gift cards, so you can use Bitcoins to make Amazon.com purchases, albeit indirectly
  • GiftsForCoins allows you purchase various gifts using Bitcoins
  • Bitmit is like eBay, but you use Bitcoins instead of Paypal
  • You can now use bitcoins to purchase upgrades at WordPress.Com
  • For less than one bitcoin per month you can buy access to a VPN like Private Internet Access and BolehVPN. VPNs allow you to route your internet traffic through them to bypass country-wide internet blocking and protect your privacy.
  • You can get Usenet access from BitUsenet — the cost is 1 bitcoin per month of access
  • Hitnews is another provider that accept bitcoin
  • Domain name hosting — BitDomain.biz accepts bitcoins and supports anonymous domain hosting
  • Rugatu is a Bitcoin-based paid question-and-answer board. If you have a question that you want answered and are willing to pay ten cents to a few dollars for an answer, simply submit it to Rugatu and deposit your bounty.
  • Coindl – the iTunes of the Bitcoin world, Coindl specializes in digital goods. On Coindl, you will be able to find a small but unique collection of songs for 0.089 BTC each, as well as books, games, art and software.
  • Bitmit – the Bitcoin-based auction site has products listed for as little as two dollars, and is very easy to use. At the low price range, you will be able to buy electronics like USB keys and headphones, books and, in the digital goods, section, even one-month premium subscriptions to various online services
  • Ogrr is a trading forum that allows you to buy and sell your in-game virtual goods for bitcoin
  • On Etsy, 15 crafty people now accept Bitcoin for goods
  • CryptoAnarchy – Bitcoin promotional goods
  • Food – Bitbrew, George’s Famous Baklava, BitPantry and many others offer coffee and various baked goods for international delivery
  • Bitcointip – the Bitcointip Reddit bot allows you to support your favorite contributors on Reddit by tipping them bitcoin. Once you create a Bitcointip account and send your bitcoins to the deposit address, all you need to do is reply to any post with something like “+bitcointip 0.05 BTC”, and the funds will immediately be transferred to the recipient’s account, from which they can then withdraw the bitcoins at any time. If the recipient does not yet have an account, an account will be created for him.
  • Electronics – Bitmit, Bitcoinblaster.com and many other sites offer both low-end and high-end, new and used computers, tablets and phones for sale.
  • Coinabul – if you want to convert your bitcoins to precious metals, Coinabul is the place to go. Recognized even outside of the Bitcoin community for its reliability and ease of use, Coinabul is the easiest way to buy gold and silver coins for BTC. Note that if you want to convert your gold or silver into bitcoins to spend on any of the other options in this chart, Coinabul can do that too.

Other places that accept bitcoins:

Graphic Design

  • DamienKing.net, Professional web and graphic designer since 1998. Keen to help promote Bitcoin and so will offer discounts on work when paid in BTC.
  • For Bitcoin (info), Bitcoin Site Design and Bitcoin Branding Services for members and related opportunities.
  • LAYER.1.GFX Technomadic Graphic Designer and Urban Calligraffiti Artist, Logo Design, Web Design, Customized QR Codes, Social Media Services, Graffiti Art and Workshops, BodyArt, Japanese Calligraphy, Proofreading (DE/EN), Consulting for Art and Music Projects, further Creative Contacts in Berlin, Vienna, London on request
  • Ambivert Creative, Branding and identity. Logo, web, and print. Discounts for Bitcoin, and for clients promoting decentralized solutions.
  • Sherbet Lemon, Currently offering custom logo design for the equivalent of $60
  • Microtronix ESolutions, Professional web design and programming, 10+ years in the industry with clients in 7 countries of the world.
  • WPLG: Graphic Design Argentino. Logos, advertising, flyers. Inserted in the market since 2005. Speed and customer satisfaction.
  • KentDesignSolutions: Fantastic, affordable, UK based web design solutions.
  • Lubi Kocheleva – Freelance Web & Graphic Designer Affordable & Personal Graphic and Web Design Services, based in the Channel Islands, UK


  • Bitcoiney – The Best Bitcoin Directory Discover the top rated bitcoin websites and services
  • daneos.com Professional Web developing and website administration. Also providing other IT related services
  • bitcoinerr.com Like Fiverr.com but we charge 3.25% + 0.0005btc per order and we pay in less than 24h.
  • For Bitcoin (info), We help people earn bitcoins through Micro Transactions.
  • Sigil93, Small group of web developers that specialize in SEO, web design, WordPress template creation and setup, and web programming
  • Bitcoin2cdkey.com Professional facebook page templates in html5 animated
  • capitaldesignfx.com, Website Design & Development – Joomla & WordPress, Advertising, Print Design Services 10% discount for ฿ paying clients.
  • AmberShadow Design, website design. Currently offering favicons for ฿15
  • BitcoinBulletin.com, WordPress Setup, PHP Web Apps
  • JustinBull.ca, Web design, PHP with MySQL/SQLite programming solutions
  • UpgradeYa, Drupal web design, theming, module development, and hosting. Offers discount off normal cost when paying with bitcoin
  • Tangerineworks Web Development, NZ/UK-based WordPress Guru – PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JS/Ajax etc. 11+ years exp. 10% discount for BTC
  • Richard Caetano, Accepting bitcoins for software development and design. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Ruby on Rails, and Database/SQL programming
  • Sherbet Lemon, Currently offering custom logo design for the equivalent of $60
  • Bitcoin shopping 0.065 Bitcoin per day Websolution


  • TrashMail.net – Disposable email addresses Create disposable email addresses to protect against spam & newsletters. Advanced features can be enabled by by paying with bitcoin
  • BitPiggy Platform Hosted email delivery (outgoing SMTP relay), suitable for web developers building websites or other Internet services. 250 emails/day or 3000 email/month free
  • BitMail.BIZ E-Mail Hosting, Anonymous and spam-free e-mail hosting. Unlimited e-mails, anonymous registration, secure and anonymous payment with Bitcoin
  • Microtronix Hosting, Groupware email hosting, group and personal calendar’s and addressbook’s. Complete with webmail, Pop3, Imap and SMTP


  • www.vpn3000.com VoIP SIP/IAX2 use your own device, free calls between customers, now with shopping cart supporting bitcoins to buy credit directly in bitcoins, no monthly fees
  • BitVOIP Voice-over-IP calls for Bitcoins, servers around the world. Payments accepted in BTC via Mt.Gox merchant gateway
  • Mumble4Bitcoin VoIP Mumble-Server for Gaming, private chat-room etc. high security and outstanding speech quality (free test-server)
  • Lightbox Technologies, VOIP phone service SIP/IAX2 – residential and business. Proudly Canadian
  • Morrotel, Residential and wholesale VoIP provider with automated bitcoin payment gateway. Based in Spain, cheap termination rates, DID numbers
  • smsZ.net, send SMS messages worldwide (0.5 btc/sms)
  • txt4coins.net, anonymous pay-per-use worldwide SMS, incl. API access & bulk messages
  • SMS Dragon Anonymous Inbound SMS Service, messages delivered via RSS Feed (US only)
  • teamspeak 4 free, teamspeak voip servers
  • www.btcvoip.com sip trunks, iax2 trunks,callback client for android, fully automated payment in bitcoins, billing by the second, account created in real time. resellers wanted 20% profit over sales

Web Hosting

  • cPanel-Host Inexpensive single domain and reseller cPanel Web Hosting with over 280 scripts included (Fantastico, Softaculous), in 24 languages, and domain registration; Server locations USA and Europe; accepting Bitcoin.
  • L3server Dedicated Servers and VPS, data center locations in U.S. and Germany; accepting Bitcoin.
  • Optical Cube Web Hosting, VPS and IT consulting offers Shared Web Hosting, custom Virtual Private Servers powered by KVM, IT consulting and web development. Prices starting at 0.107 BTC/month
  • Tailored VPS offers custom Virtual Private Servers powered by OpenVZ. Prices starting at 0.378 BTC/month ($4.95 US/month)
  • Quantum Kiwi Premium Cloud Web Hosting – Excellent BTC Value.
  • Fennec Internet Services offers Xen VPS servers & dedicated servers in Coventry, UK. Full root access, full kernel control and no overselling as standard. All hardware is owned by FIS (not leased, not resold), server-grade (Xeon/Opteron based) and includes RAID redundancy by default.
  • Bit-Host exchange bitcoins for your favorite File-Hosting services premium like Rapidshare, Uploaded.net/ul.to or Netload Premium
  • Bitcoin Web Hosting, The Bitcoin web hosting company is the affordable and tech savvy Bitcoin ready web hosting company. Bitcoin is the only currency we accept
  • BitHosting.BIZ Web Hosting, Non-US anonymous web hosting based on Linux and Windows. Tons of free professional features included. Highest security standards, friendly english-speaking support and much more. Secure and anonymous payment with Bitcoin
  • Bitserv – Suckless Windows Hosting for Bitcoins
  • BitCoinWebHost, cPanel Webhosting with 24/7 Tech Support! SFTP included free, Wallet server is available
  • Bluetreehost – Since 2007, Instant Setup, Now Accepting Bitcoins! 10% off code: BITCOIN
  • Cinfu Hosting Solutions Cheap Web Hosting and VPS Servers with unmetered data transfer (servers in Germany and USA), Domains registration
  • EVALinux Free and Open Source Software consulting. We speak Spanish/English. We specialize in: Virtualization (private and public), LAMP, Networking, Security, Backup and Encryption. We offer personalized hosting solutions as well
  • james-b.ch (info), Friendly Web/Data Hosting and SSH access (starts at ~0.022 BTC/GiB/week)
  • Kattare Internet Services Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Clusters, Shared Hosting, Domain Registration, SSL Certificates, etc. We support Tomcat/JSP, Apache/PHP, Apache/PERL, Apache/FastCGI, Apache/Ruby, MySQL, Postgres, & more. 15 years in business.
  • Microtronix Hosting, Linux unlimited web hosting. 50% off for using bitcoin currency, promo code “bitcoin2011”. Automatic pmt processing and hosting provisioning, auto bitcoin payment processing.
  • Bitcoin shopping 0.065 Bitcoin per day Websolution
  • Shell.TOR Prepaid shell account and web hosting on a secure server, accepting Bitcoin payments instantly. Set up any number of sites on one account. Very fast, no traffic limit.
  • Falenhost.net Polish site offers LAMP hosting, can order few different packages
  • CWS Software Amazon EC2 based LAMP servers
  • Bitronic Technologies, Bitronic Technologies accepts Bitcoin and provides cheap shared hosting, cheap reseller hosting,Linux VPS, dedicated hosting and SSL Certificates


34 thoughts on “Where Can I Spend Bitcoins?”

  1. Thanks for your list 🙂 Security is an issue with shopping online or anywhere, for that matter. I first became interested in bitcoins because it is beyond money, it is a whole new concept of commerce.

    1. I had no idea so many places accepted bit coins now! This is great news! I actually have an Etsy account so I am going to check out the shops that do accept them. I never knew it was an option so if I start selling on there again, I will be sure to accept them as well. I am glad more and more people are hopping on board!

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  3. https://cards4coin.com – Offering over 100 gifts cards in both physical and electronic format as well as donations to charities on your behalf that do not accept Bitcoin directly. Competitive exchange rates and low processing fees. New offerings are added frequently.

  4. http://entiremall.com/ – Bitcoin is a digital currency which we got hooked onto. We really think it is a great idea and are willing to accept payments in Bitcoins from now on. Please select Bitcoin as your payment method during checkout. EntireMall sell high-quality Chinese consumer electronics to more then 150 countries, with free shipping! We have Android Smart Phone, Electronics Gadgets, Car Accessories, Game Gadgets, Toys, Gifts, Watches, GPS, Sat Navs, GPS Trackers, Navigation, Led lights, Cell Phones, Cameras, MP3 Players and many other cool gadgets.

  5. http://entiremall.com/ – EntireMall sell high-quality Chinese consumer electronics to more then 150 countries, with free shipping! We have Android Smart Phone, Electronics Gadgets, Car Accessories, Game Gadgets, Toys, Gifts, Watches, GPS, Sat Navs, GPS Trackers, Navigation, Led lights, Cell Phones, Cameras, MP3 Players and many other cool gadgets.

  6. He goes up to a second investor and tells him the exact same thing.

    Bitcoins are generated when Bitcoin math problems are solved.
    Whenever you need to carry out any transaction, you do not have to search for the nearest outlet to perform this task.

  7. Hi guys, Great article.

    But if you really want the answer to where you can spend you bitcoins, check out this website: bitbrochure.com.

    there is 12.000 products currently online, with many more to come. Everything is listed there.

    Please take a look

  8. A 300 year old Russian watch factory accepts Bitcoins!

    July 11th 2013, Russia’s historical watch factory Raketa, founded in 1721 by Peter the Great, is the first watch factory in the world to accept bitcoins as a payment ! From now on, you may go on their internet shop http://www.raketa-shop.com with your virtual money and buy real russian mechanical watches to be delivered a few days later.
    “It is very easy to accept Bitcoins” says Jacques von Polier – the factory’s director, “You just put a logo on your site saying – we accept bitcoins – and that’s it. It is as simple as saying we accept cash!”. “It is surprising to be the first in the industry, knowing how simple it is!”
    Will, or will not Bitcoin become a mainstream currency is unclear at this stage! Certainly, Raketa, being the first in the industry to accept bitcoins, may get a few orders just because they are the first! But every mainstream business starting to accept Bitcoins is a step forward for Bitcoin’s establishment.
    The “Petrodvorets Watch Factory – Raketa” is Russia’s oldest factory, founded in 1721 by the Tzar Peter the Great, it is producing wristwatches under the brand “Raketa” since 1961, in honor of the World’s first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Today, “Raketa” is one of the very rare watch manufactures in the world producing its mechanical movements from A to Z in-house!

  9. The bitwein.de.vu link is listed twice:
    Bitwein – Buy high quality wine from palatinate for Bitcoins.
    Bitwein.de.vu – Wine for Bitcoins

  10. Buy from any online retailer using Bitcoins with Bitcoinrunner. We act as a middleman for a very small fee, which means you can buy virtually anything (legal) online from any online retailer.

    1. What i do is I purchase a Virtual CC from http://www.moneypakreload.com with bitcoins. With that I go on amazon and zappos and buy my stuff. I have done it 3 times and on all 3 I got the cc in about an hour and amazon and zappos processed it withour any issues

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