The Coldcard Q: A New Bitcoin Airgapped Wallet

Coldcards are Bitcoin-only hardware wallets made in Canada by the Coinkite company. They are well-liked by tech-savvy users who prioritize security and privacy.

Coldcards have open-source firmware and operate in an air-gapped mode. Air-gapped wallets are completely disconnected from the internet and other wireless communication, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC (Near Field Communication), and sometimes even USB connections.

Soon the company is now launching the Coldcard Q for pre-order. This new device will feature a Qwerty keyboard and a large LCD screen. Here’s a video introducing the Coldcard Q:

Here are all the features of the new device:


  • QWERTY Keyboard: helps with long BIP-39 passphrases
  • 320×240 pixel LCD screen, 3.2″ diagonal size
  • Battery powered by 3x AAA cells (or USB). Airgapped and wireless.
  • Dual MicroSD slots (push-pull type, not spring-loaded).
  • QR Code scanner with LED illumination
  • NFC communication with a dedicated NFC antenna
  • USB data & NFC data can be irreversibly blocked which disables USB data or NFC data at the electrical level

Features that were present on the COLDCARD Mk4

  • NFC-V compatible: tap to transmit all data types, including PSBTs, addresses, and XPUBs.
  • Two Secure Elements from two manufacturers, which minimizes unknown vulnerability risks.
  • Many extensive duress PIN options (Trick PINs)