Alternative Interfaces To Reddit That Are Currently Working and Load Fast

Listed below are some reasonably fast-loading alternative interfaces to Reddit. These sites often disappear or go down. When this happens you can switch to another instance.

Regarding privacy, be advised that unknown organizations and individuals run these interfaces.

The response time is calculated from a browser located in the U.S.

More Info About Teddit Interface

Teddit is an open-source alternative front-end to Reddit. It avoids Reddit tracking and ads.

Also, Teddit doesn’t require javascript and loads quickly. For example, the Teddit home page loads just 270 KB — much less than 24 MB of the Reddit home page.

More Info About LibReddit Interface

LibReddit is similar to Teddit — but it’s even more minimalist. However, instances of LibReddit often go offline.

Here’s a description of LibReddit from the developer:

  • Light: no JavaScript, no ads, no tracking, no bloat
  • Private: all requests are proxied through the server, including media
  • Secure: strong Content Security Policy prevents browser requests to Reddit

Browser Redirector For Chrome-Based Browsers

You can also use the LibRedirect browser extension to access alternative versions of Reddit.

The LibRedirect extension performs redirects for Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to alternative interfaces.

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