Firefox Focus: A Mobile Browser With “Always On” Privacy Features

Firefox Focus is new mobile browse available for Android and iOS. It’s designed as a privacy-respect browser.

Focus is quite a minimalist browser — it doesn’t support for multiple browser tabs and doesn’t support bookmarks.

The start up screen of Firefox Focus is minimalist and purple

However, it does support these privacy features:

  • Built-in script and ad-blocking
  • One tap erases your cookies and browsing history
  • Checks for fraudulent websites

Content blocking is achieved using the Disconnect block lists.

The blocking of third-party trackers (except “other content trackers”) is enabled by default. In the other Firefox browsers, users have to enable the Tracking Protection feature inside the browser preferences manually.

Users can also view types of trackers on a page by tapping on the shield icon next to the URL bar.

Firefox Focus now checks all URLs against Google’s Safe Browsing service — to prevent access to fraudulent sites.

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