Using Aqua Wallet To Make Bitcoin Lightning and Liquid Transfers

The Aqua Wallet is a new non-custodial Bitcoin and stablecoin wallet.

Aqua gives users easy access to the Liquid Network (a Bitcoin sidechain) and the Lightning Network (a fast payment network that runs on top of Bitcoin). This is noteworthy because Bitcoin transactions might become expensive ($100-$500) at some point. Both Liquid and Lightning transactions have much lower fees than on-chain Bitcoin transactions.

Liquid Bitcoin exists in a sidechain and it’s fully backed by Bitcoin in a manner that can be verified.

Additionally, the Liquid network offers economical Tether transactions, with fees lower than those on the Tron or Ether networks.

The Aqua wallet has two main accounts. One holds regular Bitcoin (BTC), and one holds Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC). Aqua calls the account with on-chain Bitcoin your “Savings” account, and the Liquid account your “Spending” account. The Liquid account also acts as your Lightning payment account. When you want to make a payment using Lightning Bitcoin, the Liquid BTC is sent to the Boltz Exchange via the Liquid Network. Boltz then converts the Liquid BTC into Lightning Bitcoin and this is sent to your recipient.

If you need to initially fund the wallet with Lightning Bitcoin, you can go to the Boltz Exchange yourself, and exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for Lightning Bitcoin (LN-BTC).

The Aqua wallet doesn’t work with many VPNs. Also, a Swap feature that allows you to swap funds was removed from the U.S. version of the app.

This video from Bitcoin University goes into more detail: