UsenetBucket Review: A European Usenet Provider

Service Summary

  • Homepage: UsenetBucket
  • Headquarters: Netherlands
  • Server locations: Netherlands
  • Backbone: Highwinds
  • Connections 50
  • SSL Connections: Yes
  • Retention: 1200 days
  • Max. Speed: 10 Mbit/s: 2,95 €, 40 Mbit/s: 4,95 €, 400 Mbit/s: 12,95 €
  • Downloads: unlimited
  • Price: €12.96 ($15.40 USD) per month
  • Payment types: Credit Card, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, iDeal, Sofort and Mister Cash
  • Trial: 7 days or after 5 GB of downloads
  • Block accounts: Yes
  • Account sharing: No

Notes On This Provider

Update: I found this provider to be unreliable. I do not recommend their service.

UsenetBucket is Usenet service provider headquartered the Netherlands. They offer 50 connections at 400 Mbit/s for €12.96 (euros) per month.

Their Usenet newsfeed comes from XS News — an independent Dutch feed. The company also touts a responsive 24/7 support team.

While testing their sign-up process, I did find that their email and IP check is a bit stringent, probably because they don’t require a credit card for registration. They offer a free trial that lasts “7 days or until you have reached the data-limit”. The data limit is 5GB.

UsenetBucket also offers blocks accounts.

2 thoughts on “UsenetBucket Review: A European Usenet Provider”

  1. DON’T USE UsenetBucket !!!

    So i joined up with UsenetBucket. on there site they state great customer service (Cough, lol) and unlimited download. So i join up with service and hopes for a good usenet. Boy was i mistaken. So first of half thru my plan (3month) my connection went down, Completely confused why as my service told be DOWNLOAD CAP REACHED. I was like hold on there is no download cap its unlimited. So i message them to find out what happen and get them to remove the restriction. (I send a support Ticket)…….
    Time goes by, a WEEK, 2 WEEKS, 3 WEEKS STILL NO REPLY. so i try open a extra ticket in ref to something else. Still NO REPLY….. So i then EMAIL them with screenshot of my tickets. Then 4 days later i get a response. With them Accusing me as a commercial person not a person as i downloaded to much and I’m like no, im me a person here there is no restrictions and nothing on the site said otherwise. then then closed my ticket and i had to remessage them. and im like hold on. i missed out on weeks of service i want my money back for the days lots or extra days for it.

    They then respond….


    I’ve refunded your account, please never use our services again.

    With kind regards,
    Martin –”

    so i open another ticket

    “On ur site you state you have amazing customer service I went for days (weeks) with no one at all responding to a ticket. Then get accused of being a commercial person and the. Spoken poorly too. I have screenshot everything to do with what’s happen. I’m both shocked and sadden on ur site you promise this amazing service and then I get something far from this. I came here to use this wonderful service and get this terrible treatment. I would like to speak to a manager directly. I don’t want to share the images publicly on every site. I’d rather deal with the problems first and resolve this shocking incident.”

    And all they do now is close the ticket with NO RESPONSE. This Martin guy is simply filth. I’m complete shocked and horrified of what has happen.
    I really suggestion NO ONE USE “UsenetBucket”….

    I have screenshots of everything happy to show anyone for evidence. By the way im still yet to see the money into my account…. 🙁

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