A List Of Anonymous Seedbox Providers 2024

These seedbox providers offer privacy features and anonymous payments:


RapidSeedbox (Netherlands and France) – this is a fast provider with a 10Gpbs network. Plex can be configured using a “one-click” install. 14-day refund policy. The price is €15 ($15 USD) monthly. Accepts Bitcoin (only). More details.


Gigarapid (Netherlands) — This service was launched last year. For anonymous payments, they Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. A free VPN is included for anonymous network access.

All Gigarapid accounts are installed with dedicated servers. Their packages include features like a 1Gbps line, with Pro accounts having access to 10Gbps connections. There are 90 apps available using one-click installation. They offer dedicated server plans in Germany, Finland, France, and the Netherlands. Regular accounts cost €6.45 per month (about $7 USD).