The Best Privacy-Friendly Apps and Services (Updated For 2018)

by Grey One •

Here are my recommended privacy-friendly services for 2018. I’ve favored services are easy-to-use and don’t require deep technical knowledge:


  • I recommend these VPNs for speed & reliability: ExpressVPN, IPVanish
  • If you are in a censored country like China I recommend: ExpressVPN or VPN.AC
  • VPN for enhanced privacy or for avoiding censorship: AirVPN or iVPN
  • This is a reliable DNS leak test: IPX.AC


  • I recommend these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (pseudo-anonymous), Monero (untraceable)
  • For purchasing cryptocurrencies with USD: Gemini, Coinbase
  • For coin-to-coin exchange: Shapeshift (small amounts) or Binance (full exchange)
  • I recommend this cryptocurrency hardware wallet: Trezor


  • I recommend this provider for everyday private email: FastMail
  • I recommend this provider for encrypted email: ProtonMail

Web Browsing

Cloud Services

Instant Messaging

  • Telegram (for all platforms) is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s free and easy-to-use.
  • A good app for encrypting phone calls and messages: Signal (iOS)

Usenet Services

Media Players

Operating Systems

Here are some other guides to privacy software: PrivacyTools, PrismBreak and DroidBreak

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  1. I’ve used Air VPN for several years. Lately I’ve experienced some slowdowns and inconsistent connectivity. When I tried to talk to their support team about it I was told it was “impossible” for ANY errors to occur and that I was “irrelevant” , “stupid”, and “absurd” to even think such a thing. I have read responses to people in the forums that are equally personal and dismissive. Although Air VPN is cheap compared to others you recommend, that low cost comes with a price: no respect for clients and zero customer support. And, given my recent experiences, I now question their reliability. I’ll be switching to another VPN as a result.

    1. Claudia, that doesn’t sounds like a good experience. I will investigate further, and I will change my recommendation if necessary.

  2. Hi,

    Right now, I am using Google Chrome and I have been using these extensions together for quite a while:
    – uBlock Origin
    – Privacy Badger
    – HTTPS Everywhere
    – Cookie AutoDelete
    – Decentraleyes
    – ExpressVPN

    What do you think of the extensions I used and please advice if whether I should add anymore recommended extensions or remove any extensions I am using right now? Thanks so much.

  3. Just curious why you don’t reccomend PIA anymore? My subscription is about to expire… wondering if I need to jump ship to one of these?

    1. I still recommend Private Internet Access (PIA). It is a reliable and inexpensive provider. However, ExpressVPN and IPVanish offer a bit more of a seamless experience, in terms of support, apps and documentation.

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