Foundation Bitcoin Passport Wallet Is Air-Gapped and Features A Large Screen

The Foundation Passport is a new hardware Bitcoin-only wallet.


  • It is an air-gapped, offline hardware device for the self-custody of Bitcoin.
  • The wallet has a large LCD, and physical keypad, and uses AAA batteries for power.
  • It does not connect via Bluetooth or cables, instead using QR codes and MicroSD cards to interface with computers or mobile apps.
  • The wallet is manufactured in the United States and emphasizes transparency with open-source hardware and software.

Security Features

Here are the security features of the Foundation Passport:

  • No wireless connectivity – transactions are signed offline on the air-gapped device.
  • Uses partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBT) for added security.
  • Firmware updates are handled automatically with no user interaction required.
  • Stores a hidden backup seed on the MicroSD card and has an embedded secure element chip.
  • Focused solely on Bitcoin rather than supporting multiple cryptocurrencies.