A List of Reliable Usenet Providers That Support Anonymous Payments

Here is a list of reliable Usenet providers that accept Bitcoin (anonymous enough in most cases) or Paysafecard (European money card).

  • NewsDemon: Accepts Bitcoin, servers in US and UK, $7.60 per month (full details)
  • UsenetExpress: Accepts Bitcoin, US based, $7.50 per month (full details)
  • Usenet.Farm: Offers anonymous accounts (only an email required), accepts Bitcoin and Paysafecard, European servers, good connections  in US (during my tests), €5.57 per month (full details)
  • XLNed: Accepts Bitcoin and Paysafecard, good completion rate, European servers, €7.74 per month (full details)
  • Pure Usenet: Accepts Bitcoins and Paysafecard, European servers, €6.63 per month (full details)

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