Private Alternatives to Adobe’s PDF Reader

by Tracy Knauer •

By default, most people use software from Adobe to open and edit PDFs. Unfortunately, Adobe has a bad privacy policy. Here’s why you shouldn’t use Adobe apps for PDFs, along with suggestions for alternatives. Adobe’s privacy policy makes clear that the company collects a fair amount of information about users. Even if you don’t register with Adobe, it still collects …

An Overview of Disconnect Ad Blocking, VPN and Anti-Censorship Tools

by Tracy Knauer •

Disconnect is a suite of privacy tools that aims to make online privacy the “default” by providing ad blocking, VPN anti-censorship functionality and more. Is it equal to or greater than the sum of its parts? Read on for an overview. Disconnect originated as a Chrome extension called Facebook Disconnect. That tool blocked third-party connections to users’ Facebook pages in …

Firefox is Now Available on iOS

by Grey One •

Firefox for iOS is now finally available in the App Store worldwide. Previously, Mozilla held back on offering an iOS version of Firefox due to Apple’s restrictive policies. Firefox for iOS allows for Private Browsing — giving you the ability to browse the web without saving history or sharing existing cookies with the sites you visit. Firefox also allows you …


Lantern Provides P2P Proxy Network for Beating Internet Censorship

by Tracy Knauer •

Need to beat online censorship, but don’t have access to a VPN? Lantern, an open-source app that uses peer-to-peer connections to get around firewalls, may be for you. Lantern was launched by Adam Fisk, the man behind the now-defunct LimeWire file-sharing platform. Fisk said he first conceived of the idea for Lantern when working on LimeWire as a way to …