Privacy-Friendly Services For 2022 — Current Recommendations

Listed here are reliable privacy-friendly services that I’ve tested for years.

Internet Protection & Privacy Services

ProtonVPN for private internet access + phishing and malware protection.

AdGuard for additional ad blocking and malware protection.

Private Email, Phone & Credit Card Services

ProtonMail for encrypted and privacy-enhanced email accounts.

SimpleLogin for the creation of email aliases.

Hushed to create alias phone numbers.

Privacy.Com to create virtual credit cards.

Private Cloud Services

pCloud for storing personal music & video collections — offers lifetime two terabyte accounts.

Bitwarden for securing passwords and notes.

Alternative Front-Ends To Web Services

FreeTube is an open-source YouTube player that uses the Invidious API.

On the web, is an alternative front-end to YouTube.

Teddit is an alternative front-end to Reddit.

Nitter is an alternative front-end to Twitter.

Private Media Access

NewsDemon is an independent Usenet access provider, Nzb.Su is the best Usenet index.

RapidSeedbox is my recommended seedbox provider.

WebTorrent Desktop is a private choice for torrent access.

8 thoughts on “Privacy-Friendly Services For 2022 — Current Recommendations”

  1. I’d enjoy seeing some recommendations for private cloud services apart from (pCloud really does work better with photos than documents/records). I have spent quite a bit of time giving each one a fair trial and won’t be using either. I use Mac devices, OS and iOS. The mobile app works very well — fairly easy to use and can immediately see results. The desktop app — not so much. It consistently fails to detect that I’m online, so doesn’t update or sync with any regularity. When attempting to upload files or folders through either the desktop or web panel while using my laptop, I get frequent stalls mid-operation so I have to start over again — or, when it says everything is synced — it misses files completely. These are not isolated incidents. Support is a joke — although someone responds, they answer questions with pasted info from their help files and marketing boilerplate instead of addressing the stated issue. This is not a criticism of the great work you do reviewing everything — I respect that enough to want to use your recommendations — but it would be nice to have another option or two. Thanks!

    1. Skye,

      I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble with the Sync Desktop app. I have the app installed on my Mac, and I haven’t had any issues uploading or syncing. However, I’ve only been a casual user.

      I also use pCloud on a daily and it’s quite reliable.

      Other alternatives to these services are SpiderOak and Tresorit. Both are encrypted cloud providers.

  2. I tried to use it last Saturday. It was a horrible, horrible experience.
    Download speed was slow and often dropped to zero. Some websites not
    loading until I reconnected. I tried various servers. Some of which
    disconnected me after being connected for a while and then told me my
    credentials were no longer valid. I used both the application as well
    as the OVPN file. I am now using another vpn service and things are much
    better. Based on my personal experience I don’t understand the positive
    comments at all.

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