AdGuard: The Best Ad Blocker For 2019

AdGuard is a fully featured internet filter that removes ads, ad-trackers and blocks websites with viruses. It’s my recommended ad blocker because it operates as a standalone application, and incorporates a filtering mechanism that is fine tuned.

AdGuard works on every browser and application which communicates over the internet, including browsers like Brave and Vivaldi.

Thus, AdGuard is similar to the free Pi-Hole server, but it is easier to install, and it doesn’t require a separate machine for self-hosting. AdGuard is also more useful than a than modifying a host file. Unlike a host file, it can block “” without also blocking “”. Moreover, some programs will bypass a host files altogether.

AdGuard also includes a browser extension that let you easily filter web page elements and add blocking exceptions.

AdGuard is made by AdGuard Software Limited — a company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Cyprus.

This is their statement on information collection:

Our general principle is to collect only the information that is necessary to provide you with full functionality of our products and for licensing. And we never share any of your data with third-parties. For the full privacy policy, visit the dedicated page.

Link: AdGuard

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