Storing Large Video and Music Files On Android

by Grey One •

Now that Android tablets accept large-capacity Micro Secure Disk memory cards, it’s possible to carry your entire media collection in your pocket. Currently, you can buy a 64 GB (gigabtye) Micro Secure Disk (microSD), and use it in most of the newer Android tablets and phones. These memory cards can store about 177 full albums in FLAC format, or about 80 hours of video in MP4 format. Don’t forget that you can carry around multiple 64 GB cards, and, for example, store your music and TV shows on one card, and your movie collection on another card. Currently, the price for a good quality Sandisk Ultra 64GB micro card is about $55. I can fit all my music and videos on two of these cards easily, plus there’s room for my photos and documents.

You may need to format your card with the exFat format (a successor to the Window Fat Format), if you will copying large video files from your computer to the card.

If you go above 32 GB, remember that 64 GB cards use a standard called SDXC, which some older devices don’t support. Older Android tablets generally accept 16 and 32 GB cards — you can check out the exact memory card capabilities for most Android tablets on this page.

By using the large capacities cards, you can download a lot of media to an Android device. You’ll just have to set your downloads to go directly your external memory card.


If your Android device supports the larger, standard SD cards (for example the Asus Transformer does when docked), you can now get 128 GB SD cards, and even 256 GB cards (these are pricey though)!

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