Three Interesting Crypto Wallets

Here are three intersting cryptocurrency wallets:

Casa Wallet: A Secure Mobile Wallet

Casa Wallet is a mobile wallet that offers 2-of-3 Basic Multisig security. It is designed for clients holding smaller amount of bitcoin ($1k and $100k). This is place of a 3-of-5 Multisig system which tends to be too expensive and difficult to maintain for most people.

No seed phrase is required to set up a Casa Wallet. The only sign up requirements are an email and name (or alias). Casa Wallet doesn’t track your location or data.

Aqua Wallet: Access To Liquid Side Chain

AQUA is a wallet that allows you to hold bitcoin and Liquid side-chain assets in one place.

You can buy bitcoin and Liquid Bitcoin from the app, no documents required. Many payments types are available including Apple Pay and debit cards.

Crypto.Com Wallet: Earn Interest On Your Balance

The Crypto.Com app allows you to buy Bitcoin and 200+ cryptocurrencies with 20 fiat currencies. You can also earn interest on your balances in the wallet.

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