Three Intriguing Open Source Privacy Services

by Grey One •

I am currently testing these open-source privacy services:

  • Tutanota (encrypted email): Easy to use. Looks promising. (Webmail and Outlook)
  • Seafile (encrypted cloud): Open source. Files are encrypted before they are sent to a cloud server (supports iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • Encryptr (password manager): A free, open source password manager (supports Android, Linux, Mac, Windows)

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    1. I am still using Seafile and it is quite reliable. I am subscribed to their $10/month hosted cloud service.

      I’ve found that Seafile is more versatile than Dropbox. I like being able to sync multiple libraries that cover different directories. Also, the built-in encryption is nice, I just wish it was the default for all synced libraries.

      I haven’t been using Encryptor — basically Lastpass works really well for my purposes.

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