The Best Usenet Providers For 2022

Here are my updated recommendations for the best Usenet Provider:

Newsdemon is a reliable, independent provider with great download speeds.

If you’d prefer an independent provider based in Europe, I recommend XS News (more details) or Tweaknews (more details).

I have an article that discusses all the Usenet backbones here.

I do not recommend these providers:

  • UsenetBucket (poor customer service, clunky interface)
  • Astraweb (doesn’t respond to emails, poor customer service)
  • Giganews (overpriced for the service offered)

To achieve Usenet nirvana, I recommend using SABnzbd as your client (see my The Best Usenet Clients article), and a good Usenet index (see my article The Best Usenet Indexes).

The NZB Unity add-on for Firefox also makes downloading easier. On Chrome browsers, you can use SABconnect++.

Using Usenet Backup Providers

Power users of Usenet usually make use of two providers — a main provider and a backup provider. Why? Because sometimes, a file might be missing from the main provider, so the backup provider will fill in the missing file. The backup account can be a block account if you like. Block accounts are charged by the GB downloaded — there is no monthly fee.

For your backup account to be effective, you need your backup provider to pull from a separate Usenet backbone.

Here are my recommended combinations of providers:

  • This is a good combination: NewsDemon (Usenet Express plus evolving independent sources) + Tweaknews  (European provider)

See instructions here on how to add the backup provider in SabNZBd.

The Details: The Best Usenet Providers

Created in 1979, Usenet is one of the original distributed networks. Still widely used today, the Usenet contains an enormous amount of media and messages! Usenet users upload every type of media file (movies, TV shows, music, and e-books). In its 30-year history, no one has ever been sued for downloading anything from the Usenet.

In 2004, a site called Newzbin started indexing the files available on Usenet and created the NZB file format. An NZB file is the Usenet equivalent of a torrent file. An NZB file that contains a pointer to files available on Usenet.

To get started with Usenet, you need to pay for Usenet access from a provider. You can expect to pay about $10-$20 per month for access.

Advantages of Usenet:

  • Encourages users to download (leech)
  • Direct downloading as opposed to waiting for seeders
  • It uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection
  • It uses SSL to encrypt data being sent to your computer

There are four main features to look for when choosing a provider:

  • Data Retention (how far their Usenet archive goes back — 1200 days is average, around 2100 days is the longest you can get)
  • Monthly Transfer (the amount of data you can download each month — varies from 5 GB to unlimited traffic)
  • Connections (the number of simultaneous connections you can make at a single time through your account — around 10-15 is fine unless you have a 100Mbps connection)
  • Secure Connections (you may want a provider that provides SSL connections, so you can’t be snooped on)

Unlimited Usenet Access With No Frills: NewsDemon

NewsDemon is a good choice if you want a reliable, no-frills Usenet service and are comfortable using NZB files to initiate downloads. NewsDemon offers retention of 3808+ days and good download speeds with servers in the UK and US. They accept bitcoin for payment. Full details here.

Link: NewsDemon ($7.60 per month)

The Best European-Based Usenet Providers

Many people prefer using European providers because they offer alternative Usenet feeds and can be used to fill in missing binary files. However, note that these providers comply with file takedowns (via NTD) requests, too.

Tweaknews: Comprehensive Provider In Europe

Tweaknews is a Dutch Usenet provider with some of the fastest connections in Europe. This provider charges €7 euros or $7.99 USD per month. For this, you get 40 SSL Usenet connections, with 2500-day retention. A VPN and search engine are also included.

Tweaknews offers a 10-day free trial. Using the trial account, you can download at 20 Mbps (2.5 MB/s) using 8 connections — up to a limit of 10 Gigabytes.

Tweaknews also offers block accounts, and these are quite popular. For example, their “100GB Block Package” costs only €13 (euros). However, please note that the download speeds for the block account are capped at 100 Mpb/s.

I’ve been testing them for several months, and I’ve found their service to be reliable. From my office on US east coast, I generally get a download speed of 97 Mbps (11.4 MB/s). The company says they offer a maximum rate of 800 Mbps (100 MB/s).

The Tweaknews feed comes from Highwinds — a US-based tier-one provider in business since 2002.

  • Headquarters: Netherlands
  • Server locations: Netherlands only
  • BackboneHighwinds (Omicron Media)
  • Retention: 2500 days
  • Connections: 40
  • SSL connections: Yes
  • Download limit: unlimited
  • Max. Speed: uncapped (except for block accounts)
  • Price€7 euros or $7.99 USD per month (for a yearly subscription)
  • Payment types: Credit Cards, Paypal, iDeal, Giropay, Direct Debit, SOFORT Banking
  • Trial: 10 days (with 10GB limit)
  • Block accounts: Yes
  • Account sharing: No
  • LinkTweaknews

XS News: An Independent Usenet Backbone

XS News is my recommended independent European Usenet provider. This tier-one service started in 2006 and offers a truly independent Usenet feed.

XS News is based in Lijnden, The Netherlands, and all their server are located there.

They offer 30 connections for € 8.20 euros (about $9.70 USD) per month with a yearly subscription. Their retention time is 1100+ days.

  • Headquarters: Netherlands
  • Server locations: Netherlands
  • BackboneAbavia
  • Speed: 800 Mbit/s (or 100 MB/s)
  • Connections: 30
  • SSL Connections: Yes
  • Retention: 1100 days
  • Downloads: uncapped
  • Price: € 8.20 or $9.36 USD (per month for a yearly subscription)
  • Payment types: Credit Card, Bitcoin, Paysafecard & more
  • Trial: 14 Days
  • Block accounts: Yes
  • Account sharing: Yes
  • LinkXS News

89 thoughts on “The Best Usenet Providers For 2022”

  1. Just registered with Tweaknews after reading great reviews. Got a great deal for black friday with 60 connections. Unfortunately I have some bursts that will cap my 300mbps connection, but most of the time it’s below 5MB/s . In your experience is this a temporary issue or is it normal with this service. I still have a subscription and have no problem capping my connection.


  2. Do you know any providers that have data credit bundles instead of a monthly fee? So you can buy 1TB and work through it at your own pace, instead of monthly costs? (besides AstraWeb)

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  4. Hi,

    Currently there are several highwinds providers providing much better prices than the ones listed. One such is newsgroupdirect which is currently running a special at 3.99 a month or $40 for a year with vpn included.

      1. Newsgroupdirect would have the exact same speed and reliability as Newshosting. They are hosted on the exact set of servers. The main difference is just that Newsgroupdirect charges half the price of Newshosting but Newsgroupdirect also includes a free VPN.

  5. Hi,
    I got seedbox in Europe, with a connection 10 Gbps. (And I also live in Europe)

    Should I still pick as main account Usenetserver or Newshosting? And for block account usenet from Netherlands?

    Could somebody give me a short explanation how should I pick up these?

    1. Since you are in Europe, you probably want to use a provider with a server in Europe. So Newshosting is a good choice because they have servers in the Netherlands and Germany.

      Yes having a second provider or block account would still be useful for you, for filling in missing files (see this article where I list my recommended European providers).

  6. You can also try 🙂

    Anonymous& Independent Usenet Provider – NO LOGS, 1€ per month in bitcoin only!

    1. Astraweb and Usenet server both provide about 3000 days retention. No provider is 100% complete — the Dutch providers are probably your best bet.

    1. Interesting, never heard of this site but the prices are great. I can’t even find a review of them online.

  7. Hello-I have had trouble with finding a service that has high retention (2000+ days) that does not censor the newsgroups that they carry. Can someone help? Thank you.

    1. Dear Mark,

      Many Usenet providers have a search or full newsgroup listing available that lets you see what is potentially available. Sometimes you have to dig a little bit to find them. For some examples, So try consulting a Usenet search or newsgroup listing to see if they have the groups you want before signing up.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

      – Noah Body

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