U.K. Government Monitors Taxpayers’ Online Activity

by Tracy Knauer •

Why do government authorities want to monitor Internet users’ online activity? In the United Kingdom, one big reason is to find tax evaders by tracking social media accounts. The Belfast Telegraph reports that HM Revenue & Customs — the agency that collects taxes in the U.K. — has deployed a tool called Connect to monitor citizens’ social media activity. It …


How Your Browser Fingerprint Affects Online Privacy

by Tracy Knauer •

Sometimes, the harder you work to stay private online, the easier it is for people to track you. That’s because of the phenomenon called browser fingerprinting. Here’s what it means, and how to deal with it. When you visit websites, they collect information about your computer configuration. Some of this information is part of your Web browser’s user agent string, …

Thai Government Proposes A “Great Firewall” For Internet Censorship

by Tracy Knauer •

Thailand may soon introduce Internet censorship on a grand scale and make online privacy very difficult. That’s according to a statement from the military government calling for a single Internet gateway. The statement orders the Ministry of Information and Communication, along with other government agencies, to establish a single gateway for Internet connections in Thailand. The gateway is to be …

Report: Most Free Proxies Spy On Your Activities

by Grey One •

Many people use “free” and “open” web proxies to access Netflix and other streaming services when traveling outside the U.S. However, new research suggests that most of these services attempt to spy on your internet activities.