Two Ways to Make Anonymous Phone Calls

by Tracy Knauer •

Want to make a phone call without revealing your real identity? There are several ways you can do this, ranging from using a throw-away phone to restricting caller ID settings permanently on your smartphone. But what if you just want to make private, anonymous calls occasionally, without purchasing a special phone for it? Here are two solutions. Use a Caller …


ConfigFox Helps You Configure Firefox for Security and Privacy

by Tracy Knauer •

There are a lot of privacy and security settings in Mozilla Firefox that you can tweak to maximize your privacy. But configuring Firefox through the built-in “about:config” interface is tricky. ConfigFox offers a user-friendly alternative. The idea behind ConfigFox is to provide a way to change Firefox settings that is less complicated than the about:config panel. about:config contains hundreds of …

How To Avoid Giving Out Your Personal Information

by Grey One •

Here are some simple steps to avoid giving out your personal information: Give Out A Separate/Disposable Email Address Create a separate email address and give it to companies who needlessly request one. This really helps reduce spam. I use a disposal email address. Give Out A Fake/Disposable Phone Number Give out a fake phone number or use a disposable phone …

Tips For Choosing Reliable, Privacy-Friendly Apps

by Grey One •

Reliable, Open-Source Apps

Here are my recommendations for choosing reliable applications: The App Should Come From A Trusted Source I recommend doing a little research on each app you use, and make sure it comes from a reliable company with a good track record. Also, make sure you download the app from a reliable source. I don’t recommend installing hacked software, software from …