Ivacy: A VPN Provider Based In Singapore

Ivacy is a VPN provider founded in 2007 and based in Singapore. This provider is active on social media and readily responds to support questions (via email, live chat and a ticketing system).


A Guide To Avoiding Ransomware (Part 1)

Ransomware is malicious software that allows a hacker to access an individual or company computer, encrypt your data resident on it and then demand some form of payment to decrypt it. This lets hackers hold your data hostage – and hence the term “ransom”. Victims can regain access to their files only by paying the ransom, or by restoring from a backup that was hopefully not on a network that was accessible to the compromised computer.

New U.S.-E.U. Online Privacy Agreement Lacks Teeth

The United States made new promises this week that European citizens’ data stored on U.S. servers would not be subject to surveillance by the U.S. government. But so far, promises are the only thing the U.S. has offered to assure European concerns about online data privacy. The promises were part of a new agreement between U.S. and European officials about …

U.K. Government Monitors Taxpayers’ Online Activity

Why do government authorities want to monitor Internet users’ online activity? In the United Kingdom, one big reason is to find tax evaders by tracking social media accounts. The Belfast Telegraph reports that HM Revenue & Customs — the agency that collects taxes in the U.K. — has deployed a tool called Connect to monitor citizens’ social media activity. It …

Malaysian Officials Make Online Privacy Harder

malaysian internet censorship

“There is currently too much anonymity online.” That’s what government officials in Malaysia are saying in comments regarding plans to increase Internet censorship as the country’s prime minister, Najib Razak, faces allegations of corruption. The suggestion that the Internet is too anonymous came from Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Malaysia’s tourism minister. He went on to explain that the problem, in …

Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy

A quote from the book Digital Disconnect by Robert W. McChesney: Regardless of what a progressive group’s first issue of importance is, its second issue should be media and communication, because so long as the media is in corporate hands, the task of social change will be vastly more difficult, if not impossible, across the board. McChensney argues that the …


The Best VPNs To Use In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has very strong internet filtering and blocking. However, it is possible to bypass these blocks with a VPN or “virtual private network”. This is a service that encrypts and redirects all your internet connections.