The Best Blocklists To Use When Torrenting

A blocklist is simply a list of IP addresses to block when torrenting. Typically, these lists consist of the IP addresses of known snoopers or malware providers. Most of the good bittorrent clients support blocklists – for example Transmission or uTorrent. Where To Find Blocklists Bitsurge Blocklist The Bitsurge list is a list of “anti-torrent” group. It was created for …

The Best Seedboxes With VPNs 2020

A seedbox is a dedicated, high-speed server for downloading and uploading files. Most people rent seedboxes to achieve very fast torrent or Usenet transfers.


The Best VPN Service Providers Of 2020

There are now over a hundred VPN providers located across the world. To create this list of the best VPN service providers, I test customer service, the reliability of their network, and commitment to privacy.

Ivacy: A VPN Provider Based In Singapore

Ivacy is a VPN provider founded in 2007 and based in Singapore. This provider is active on social media and readily responds to support questions (via email, live chat and a ticketing system).

New U.S.-E.U. Online Privacy Agreement Lacks Teeth

The United States made new promises this week that European citizens’ data stored on U.S. servers would not be subject to surveillance by the U.S. government. But so far, promises are the only thing the U.S. has offered to assure European concerns about online data privacy. The promises were part of a new agreement between U.S. and European officials about …

How Malaysian ISPs Could Censor Content through the Transpacific Trade Partnership

The Transpacific Trade Partnership (TPP) is facing new criticism in Malaysia, where a legislator who opposes the agreement says it could increase Internet censorship. Mohd Hatta Ramli, a member of the Malaysian parliament, said the TPP “would mean that providers could take down Internet content without any sort of repercussions, allowing for potentially widespread internet censorship,” according to The Malay …

South African Draft Policy Threatens Internet Privacy

Online videos and other content have become the target of new Internet censorship legislation proposed in South Africa through the Online Regulation Policy, which is now available in draft form. The document is part of an effort to bring South Africa’s Film and Publications Act of 1996 up to speed with the Internet. In attempting to regulate online content, however, …


The Best VPNs To Use In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has very strong internet filtering and blocking. However, it is possible to bypass these blocks with a VPN or “virtual private network”. This is a service that encrypts and redirects all your internet connections.