How To Hide OpenVPN Connections In China

by Grey One •

If you are using OpenVPN in China, even on port 443, you may find that your connections are unstable. The problem is that Chinese government can detect the difference between “normal” SSL encryption and VPN encryption.

AT&T GigaPower Aggressively Tracks Users Online

by Tracy Knauer •

How much is online privacy worth? $29 per month, according to AT&T, which is offering new ultra-fast Internet service called GigaPower that aggressively tracks users’ browsing activity unless they pay extra. GigaPower, which is currently available only in select United States cities, provides gigabit-speed bandwidth for residential customers. AT&T is offering the service to compete with Google Fiber, which delivers …


Review of Privatoria’s VPN Service

by Tracy Knauer •

With prices starting as low as $1.90 per month, Privatoria offers one of the least expensive commercial VPN services for people who want to browse anonymously or circumvent online censorship. Here’s a look at its features, installation process and bandwidth speeds. Privatoria’s main features include: Servers spread across twenty-one countries, including the United States. That makes it a strong platform …