How To: Make A Strong Master Password

by Tracy Knauer •

As we’ve already noted, password manager apps are a great way to make sure your passwords are as robust as possible. But to use a password manager you need a single master password. And you need it to be very strong. Here’s how to create an excellent master password. Password Myths Most people think that the best way to make …


The Fastest VPNs For 2015

by Grey One •

In A Nutshell Note: See the updated article How To Find The Fastest VPNs. In my tests  Private Internet Access was the fastest from the Netherlands and Canada. IPVanish was the fastest in England and Japan. PureVPN was the fastest in Germany and Ohio. iVPN and HMA (Hide My Ass) posted good numbers across the board. The Details Which VPN service …

What Are The Most Popular and Least Popular PINs?

by Grey One •

What the most popular and least popular numbers used for PINs? The answer is here. In this heatmap image above, the x-axis depicts the left two digits from [00] to [99] and the y-axis depicts the right two digits from [00] to [99]. The bottom left is 0000, and the top right is 9999. Color is used to represent frequency. …