Books That Cover The Real Issues Of The Global Internet

by Grey One •

Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers Into Collaborators by Clay Shirky With Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky reveals how new digital technology is unleashing a torrent of creative production that will transform our world. For the first time, people are embracing new media that allow them to pool their efforts at vanishingly low cost. The results of this aggregated effort range …


How To Download Media On iPhones and iPads

by Grey One •

Apple devices are quite restricted, making downloading media difficult. For example, there are no Torrent or Usenet apps available. However there are some ways to obtain media easily: Get a¬†Easynews subscription. Easynews provides a web interface to the Usenet, with search capabilities (if you don’t know what the Usenet is, see our previous article). You can log into¬†Easynews using Safari, …

Bandcamp — Find New Music, Support Artists Directly

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Bandcamp is a cool music store that allows you to find new music, and preview entire albums for free. Unlike many music stores, the money you spend goes directly to the artists (via Paypal). Bandcamp itself takes only a 15% fee. It’s what iTune shouls have been. You can download any album in lossless formats like FLAC. Great stuff. Last.FM …