The Best VPN Routers Of 2020

A VPN-capable router is a convenient device — it can provide VPN connections to your computers and mobile devices via Wi-Fi. You won’t have to install a VPN client on each device. Instead, all your devices are routed via one connection to your VPN provider.

Streisand Makes Installing Your Own VPN Easier

One of the easiest way to install your own VPN is to use a piece of free software called Streisand. It is a remarkable open-source project that allows you to set-up and deploy your own VPN server with the minimum possible fuss.

Ivacy: A VPN Provider Based In Singapore

Ivacy is a VPN provider founded in 2007 and based in Singapore. This provider is active on social media and readily responds to support questions (via email, live chat and a ticketing system).


How To Run a VPN & Ad-Blocker On a Router

Why Run A VPN On Your Router? Using a VPN at the router level makes a lot of sense. It is a convenient way to make all your network connections private and encrypted. Every device that connects to your network will be able to access the VPN — there is no need to install a VPN application on each device. …

pCloud: A Cloud Provider That Offers Encrypted And Non-Encrypted Folders

pCloud is a secure cloud provider. The name is a bit unfortunate, but I’ve found their service to be reliable and well designed. pCloud is the first cloud storage provider to offer both encrypted and non-encrypted folders in the same account. The company explains why this makes sense: Although at first thought it is the most natural approach to just …

Proxy.sh Anonymous VPN: A Review

Proxy.sh is one of the most feature-rich VPN services. It’s also extremely BitTorrent-friendly and makes an emphatic promise not to log user data. It supports all the major operating systems for desktop and mobile. Pricing is competitive but a little confusing, so you should pay close attention to which features come with which plans. These are the major selling points …


How To: Access Facebook from China

Visiting Facebook in China is hard because the site is blocked by government censorship. But it’s still possible to visit facebook.com while in China. Here’s how to do it on any major operating system. There are a few different ways to access Facebook from China. Each has pros and cons. These are the main methods: Use a VPN. A VPN …


The Best VPN For The UK For 2016

As you may know, British travellers and expats are blocked from connecting to services on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV on Demand and so on. These UK websites prevent visitors outside the UK from viewing British content. However, VPN services with servers in the UK allow you to bypass location-based IP blocking and access British websites securely from anywhere in …


Two Free Privacy-Focused Mobile Operating Systems

Making Android-based mobile devices more private and secure can be a challenge. Here’s a look at two custom-built versions of Android that aim to provide comprehensive out-of-the-box privacy and security, with little work on the part of the user. Privacy gaps on Android exist at several levels. There’s the operating system itself, which could have bugs that allow third parties …


How To: Make Your Android Device More Private

Here’s a simple guide to increasing privacy and security on your Android-based mobile phone or tablet. Android comes with some privacy tools built-in. However, depending on your device and its manufacturer, Android’s privacy features may not be enabled by default. Plus, there are additional tools you can install to make your device more secure and private. These actions will help …


ReCon Identifies Which Mobile Apps Leak Private Data

Detecting which mobile apps are leaking personal information can be hard. ReCon, a privacy tool developed under the leadership of a Northeastern University computer science professor, helps provide a solution. ReCon is an app for your phone or tablet that analyzes information from other apps by monitoring network traffic. It automatically scans emails, chats and other information to identify “device/user …