The Best VPN For Skype In 2018

by Grey One •

The VPNs To Use With VoIP

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows you to communicate via voice, video chats and instant messages. The most popular VoIP service is Skype, which allows you call other Skype users for free, or make regular phone call at reduced rates. There are also free VoIP applications too like Linphone, Empathy, Ekiga, Google Talk and Redphone (Android only).

British Draft Law Threatens Data Encryption and Privacy

by Tracy Knauer •

Britain — the country that made path-breaking advances in data encryption during World War II — could weaken modern Internet encryption within its own borders as part of a new Internet data regulation bill that is currently under consideration. The legislation, the Draft Communications Data Bill, doesn’t focus on data encryption exclusively. It is a general proposal that would provide …