NinjaStik: Boot To An Anonymous OS In 60 Seconds

by Grey One •

The NinjaStik is a bootable USB 3.0 memory stick. It allows to you boot your computer into an anonymous operating system (via custom firmware and Linux-based OS). There are a host of privacy-related tools on the stick — including a Tor Browser, a Bitcoin Wallet and Thunderbird with Enigmail installed. According to the company the Ninjastik can be used  a …

Storing Large Video and Music Files On Android

by Grey One •

Now that Android tablets accept large-capacity Micro Secure Disk memory cards, it’s possible to carry your entire media collection in your pocket. Currently, you can buy a 64 GB (gigabtye) Micro Secure Disk (microSD), and use it in most of the newer Android tablets and phones. These memory cards can store about 177 full albums in FLAC format, or about 80 hours …