Australian Government Accepts Digital Identity and Monitoring Policy

by Tracy Knauer •

Australians aren’t required to carry physical ID cards. But they may soon have to carry the digital equivalent when using the Internet, according to a new policy that threatens online privacy in Australia. On Oct. 20, the Australian government announced its acceptance of measures that would enforce a “federated-style model of trusted digital identities.” The policy has been under development …


The Site With The Largest E-Book Index

by Grey One •

This site — Library Genesis — contains the largest index of e-books I’ve come across. It includes many out-of-print books, textbooks, magazines and comics. It’s actually kind of amazing. I have no idea who built it, but it is hosted in Ecuador. If you find yourself making use of this index, please use responsibly. I support purchasing media directly from …

Eben Moglen Answers Many Questions On Surveillance & Internet Privacy

by Grey One •

A good video from Eben Moglen — he address a lot of privacy-related topics in this interview. He starts by explaining why he thinks using Facebook is a bad idea, he then addresses the new NSA datacenter, Google, Wikileaks and Anonymous (the hackitivist group), and much more!