Anti-Censorship Group Criticizes Turkish Government Internet Policy

by Tracy Knauer •

Turkey’s policies on Internet censorship have come under fire from Access Now, an online privacy and freedom advocacy group. Turkey has had a controversial history of Internet regulation in recent years. The country passed a law called the Internet Act in 2007, which was modified significantly by a new bill in 2014. Authorities said the 2014 changes to the law …

Houthi-Controlled Yemen Extends Internet Censorship

by Tracy Knauer •

Add Houthi-controlled Yemen to the list of places currently subject to government-sponsored Internet censorship. With the help of a Canadian company, Houthi rebels in Yemen’s civil war are blocking online content. The Houthis are an ethnic group that effectively seized control of Yemen over the last year. They weren’t the first to introduce Internet censorship to the country — it …

TPP Trade Agreement Could Spur Internet Censorship in Asia, Americas

by Tracy Knauer •

Could the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, mean more Internet censorship in Asia and the Americas? That’s what some online privacy advocates are saying as the new trade agreement moves closer to approval. The countries involved in the TPP approved a final version of the trade agreement on Monday, Oct. 5. Now, the document needs approval by the legislatures and …


Two Projects Aim To Decentralize The Internet

by Grey One •

Here are two ambitious projects that aim to create a decentralized internet: Bitcloud: A group of Bitcoin developers want to create a decentralized internet, where peers are compensated for their contributions MaidSafe: A Scottish company has been developing a decentralized file storage system for the last eight years