AdGuard: The Best Ad Blocker For 2018

by Grey One •

AdGuard is an fully featured internet filter that removes ads, ad-trackers and blocks websites with viruses. It’s my recommended ad blocker because it operates as a standalone application, and incorporates a filtering mechanism that is quite fine tuned. AdGuard works on every browser and application which communicates over the internet, including browsers like Brave and Vivaldi. Thus, AdGuard is similar …

Turkey Blocks Reddit without Explanation

by Tracy Knauer •

Reddit has become the latest victim of Internet censorship in Turkey, where government authorities have blocked the site under an Internet regulation law. The Telecom Authority of Turkey, which regulates Internet content in the country, has confirmed that it blocked access to Reddit, a popular website for aggregating and commenting on news articles. The agency cited Turkey’s Internet Censorship Law …


How Your Browser Fingerprint Affects Online Privacy

by Tracy Knauer •

Sometimes, the harder you work to stay private online, the easier it is for people to track you. That’s because of the phenomenon called browser fingerprinting. Here’s what it means, and how to deal with it. When you visit websites, they collect information about your computer configuration. Some of this information is part of your Web browser’s user agent string, …