How To Use A Disposable Email Address (For Signing Up To New Services)

by Grey One •

These days, many companies ask for your email address. Often you end up with spam in your inbox, or, worse still your email is sold to various other mailing lists. It makes sense to use a disposable email address, at least until you trust a company enough to give them your real address. I recommend these free disposable mail services: …

How To Avoid Giving Out Your Personal Information

by Grey One •

Here are some simple steps to avoid giving out your personal information: Give Out A Separate/Disposable Email Address Create a separate email address and give it to companies who needlessly request one. This really helps reduce spam. I use a disposal email address. Give Out A Fake/Disposable Phone Number Give out a fake phone number or use a disposable phone …


The Fake Name Generator: Create A Name, Address, Telephone Number & Email Address

by Grey One •

The Fake Name Generator is tool that instantly creates a set of fake credentials, for dealing with companies that request unnecessary personal information. The¬†Generator will create a completely fictitious identity that includes a fake name, telephone number, email address, street address and credit card number. All of the information generated will match correctly — for example the telephone number will …


How to Buy Things Anonymously Using A Credit Card

by Grey One •

In A Nutshell The paid service Blur allows you to create disposable credit cards (U.S. only) Entropay allows you to create virtual credit cards — I have not tested this service This anonymous credit card is issued from a European bank: AnonDebitCard Using Bitcoins is another good option — however be aware that Bitcoin transactions are only quasi-anonymous. Blur: Create …