The Best VPN Service Providers Of 2020

There are now over a hundred VPN providers located across the world. To create this list of the best VPN service providers, I test customer service, the reliability of their network, and commitment to privacy.

Ivacy: A VPN Provider Based In Singapore

Ivacy is a VPN provider founded in 2007 and based in Singapore. This provider is active on social media and readily responds to support questions (via email, live chat and a ticketing system).

How To Install Free Ad-Blocking Using AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS is a free Domain Name System service provided the AdGuard company. You can use this DNS service to block advertising and trackers. It works like this: when a website sends a request to an ad network, the DNS sends back a “null” response. For example, when a web page looks up the domain name “ads.facebook.com” the DNS will …


How To Run a VPN & Ad-Blocker On a Router

Why Run A VPN On Your Router? Using a VPN at the router level makes a lot of sense. It is a convenient way to make all your network connections private and encrypted. Every device that connects to your network will be able to access the VPN — there is no need to install a VPN application on each device. …


Bitwarden: A Faster Alternative To Lastpass

Bitwarden is now my recommended password manager. This free, open source application is a replacement for properitary password managers like Lastpass and 1Password.

Getting Started With Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform and crytocurrency. Ethereum uses Bitcoin’s blockchain technology to create a protocol for “smart contracts”.

Three Hardware Wallets For Storing Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Here are three hardware wallets that can be used for the long term storage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These devices are separated from your computer — and thus virtually hacker proof. I recommend storing these wallets in a fireproof safe. For daily use, you can keep a small amount of bitcoins in a smartphone app like Breadwallet. I do …

How to Use Encryption Effectively on Android Phones

Android phones and tablets have come with built-in encryption support for several years. Since the Android Lollipop release in 2014 encryption has even been turned on by default. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your Android personal data is secure. There are additional steps you should take to prevent access to your data in case your device is stolen. Here’s what …

VPN Traffic Can Be Decrypted through Juniper Bug

Juniper Networks, a popular provider of network firewalls, has disclosed a bug in its software that could have allowed third parties to decrypt VPN traffic. The bug, which Juniper reported on Dec. 17, involves networking hardware devices running the company’s ScreenOS. These are the type of devices used in major datacenters or by ISPs to route and control network traffic. …


Mobile Companies Still Track Users with Location Services Disabled

Most people think that turning off location services on iOS or Android phones will prevent tracking of their location. It doesn’t. Here’s how companies and hackers can still track you. Virtually all modern mobile phones provide settings that let users turn off location services. On Android, you can disable the location reporting and location history features. iPhones offer a similar …


eBlocker Promises Plug-and-Play Ad Blocking, Anonymity and Tor

eBlocker, a new anti-tracking device that offers online anonymity, ad blocking, Tor support and more, is due to hit the market in the coming months. Here’s an overview of what eBlocker does and how it compares to similar products. According to the eBlocker developers, the device aims to differentiate itself from other privacy solutions through easy installation and comprehensive privacy …

Firefox is Now Available on iOS

Firefox for iOS is now finally available in the App Store worldwide. Previously, Mozilla held back on offering an iOS version of Firefox due to Apple’s restrictive policies. Firefox for iOS allows for Private Browsing — giving you the ability to browse the web without saving history or sharing existing cookies with the sites you visit. Firefox also allows you …

Qubes OS Offers Privacy and Security by Compartmentalization

In a world where it’s impossible to guarantee that code is free of security vulnerabilities, how can you guarantee your privacy? Qubes OS, a Linux-based, privacy-focused operating system, offers a solution. Qubes takes a somewhat unconventional approach to privacy and security. Rather than focusing on guaranteeing that their code is free of security bugs — a promise that is essentially …